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NoofonTM Adrafinil

Each NoofonTM capsule contains 300mg of Adrafinil and 40mg of Ginkgo Biloba extract. Ginkgo appears to improve circulation to the brain, which may enhance the therapeutic effects of Adrafinil. 

It is believed Adrafinil improves brain chemical processes to increase alertness, improve focus and elevate mood without affecting normal sleep patterns. According to a University Of Toronto study adrafinil may be useful for:

  • Study Aid / Increased Academic Performance

  • Reduces Fatigue & Increases Energy

  • Improved Mental Focus, Concentration & Memory

  • Elevates Mood

  • Helps Adapt To Shift Work

  • Mitigates Occasional Sleep Deprivation

Adrafinil is classified as a "eugeroic", which means "good arousal" and nootropic agent, which means "cognitive enhancement". Designed to promote vigilance and alertness, it may help to sharpen mental focus by enhancing the chemical processes within the brain without affecting heart rate or blood pressure. As with all products of this nature individual results may vary. 

To review an interesting research paper summary on Adrafinil from the University Of Toronto click here.

To read the entire University of Toronto study click here.

Dosage: Take 1 or 2 capsules each morning with meal. May increase to 2 capsules with breakfast and 1 or 2 capsules with lunch.  Do not exceed 4 capsules per day. Always start with a lower dosage until you see how the product affects you. 

The positive effects of Adrafinil are often subtle and may continue to build over time. Avoid taking a dose within 12 hours of your planned bedtime to avoid remaining alert. If taking more that a single dose, take the first dose upon waking and the 2nd dose 4 hours later (i.e. 8:00 AM & 12 PM doses w/ 12 AM bedtime & 8 Hours of sleep). 

Note: The FDA has not evaluated or endorsed this product. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any specific illness or medical condition. This product is not considered a dietary supplement. Please consult your physician prior to using this or any other nutritional supplements or medications. Statements found within have not been evaluated by the FDA and should not be construed as medical advice. Do not take this product if you are under 18, if you are pregnant, nursing, or have any underlying medical issues. Information presented is based on manufacturer’s claims and published scientific studies. Scientific studies cited are not conclusive and may not have been independently verified.

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Great Study Aid
Heading back to college now and won't go without Noofon. Keeps my head clear and focused for late night study. Have to time it right so I'm up for study but can still sleep.
Review by Jake / (Posted on 8/25/2015)
better than coffee
I used to use coffee when I started to drag. The adrafinil gives a better boost without the jitters and crash. Very satisfied. Also quick delivery and good customer service.
Review by henry / (Posted on 8/25/2015)
Not nearly as good as others
Product of CHINA, (not Russia) with little, if any, noticable effect from 1 or 2 300mg capsules. The addition of Ginkgo brings little, if anything, to the mix. Sorry, but there are much better generic Adrafinils out there, and if you start with this one, you may be really missing out.
(But if you need a real boost, I highly recommend Awakebrain's METAPROT - much more energizing for me than Ladasten)
Review by lad / (Posted on 8/10/2015)
Effective with some issues
Adrafinil is a stimulant with a safer profile than amphetamine, Ritalin or derivatives. Not to speak of Ephedrine and relatives that are hardest on the heart because the desired central effect is weak, and if enough is taken to produce a central effect, the blood pressure, heart rate etc are way out of line. Amphetamines are harder on the brain: paranoia, aggression and dependence.

Adrafinil is way easier on the heart, and at reasonable doses produces no paranoia or serious dependence. BUT. You will develop some tolerance if you take it regularly, it will become less effective, and you will start to drag when you don't take it, so it's important to be smart and only use it "when needed".

If you take more than say two 300 mg doses a day, you are endangering your liver. Adrafinil is metabolized to Modafinil by the liver. Modafinil is the active compound, it's a prescription controlled Schedule IV substance in the USA under the name Provigil. Read up on it. Dangerous allergic reactions (rash etc) have occurred from it, and with large doses paranoia, agitation, high blood pressure. That's Modafinil. Adrafinil is similar but adds the liver damage potential.

Because of liver problems, Adrafinil is no longer made/sold at all in France, where it was very widely prescribed. It would be unwise to take it daily as a "nootropic" supplement, it's a stimulant, a relatively safe one, but nothing like a vitamin or like Piracetam. A friend (in France) had it prescribed for years and suffered a pretty serious and long lasting depression when he quit.

Although the Noofon mix works well for me, as a pharmacologist I don't think mixing two active drugs, Adrafinil and Gingko, is a good idea. Each has specific effects and being unable to separate them is questionable. Gingko has caused bleeding in some people, and is not an inactive placebo or a vitamin. I wish AwakeBrain would offer the drugs separately.
Review by Fernand / (Posted on 5/28/2015)
Pretty Good
AwakeBrain had it shipped same day I placed the order. Drug effects very noticeable when performing stimulating activities, ie video gaming, school studying, (and in my case, interacting with new people). Overall sense of ease and accomplishment in any task, much more motivation, reduced levels (or maybe heightened control) of social anxiety and depression.

The reason I give this product 4 stars is due to the long term use. I ordered two bottles and took one pill daily, but dropped down to one every couple days in the end as I noticed I was becoming exhausted progressively earlier during the days, to the point where I could take one and not receive any boost. This COULD have been the result of poor eating habits (and lack of water drinking habit) effecting my metabolism and bodily usage of the drug, so I will be trying it again at some point in the future and writing another review.
Review by Torvin / (Posted on 1/21/2015)
Improved Overall Performance
I am a Certified Wellness Coach who studied pre- med biology in college. Being a cautious individual, I have thoroughly research any supplements or substances before I begin a personal participation.

The results of Adrafanil are outstanding. Prolonged concentration, physical energy and increased motivation are evident.

I am thoroughly impressed by the safety of this substance. After ingestion, I monitored my pulse rate and blood pressure and found no anomalies.

A trial of one is not a scientific indicator, yet my personal experience is positive!
Review by Arthur Brown, CWS, LWS / (Posted on 12/13/2014)
I ordered Noofon Adrafinil and was very pleased with Awake Brain's quick response in getting my order filled and quickly shipped. I ordered on a Sunday and had it in my hands by Thursday! I watched the order and noticed that it was promptly filled at the beginning of the business day on Monday. I did select Priority Mail, since I was going out of town soon. The product arrived in a few days.

I like the Noofon Adrafinil. It wakes up my brain, but doesn't JOLT it awake like other pharmaceutical stimulants. I was focused and alert with out the jitteriness and pounding heart that comes with other stimulants. I also slept well at night. It is helpful in everyday situations. My mind felt clearer and I was able to think things through before speaking or acting. The Noofon was also helpful for me when "long haul" driving. I wasn't sleepy at the wheel; I was alert and responded well to highway driving.

I will order again. Thanks Awake Brain!
Review by A.K. / (Posted on 10/24/2014)
Helped me stop daily amphetamine use!
I had gotten into a bad cycle of daily amphetamine use when I ran out of my prescription before my visit with my doctor. I had been so busy that I didn't realize I was almost out until it was too late! I came across some information on Adrafinil online and decided to try it out. I ordered a sample pack from Awake Brain, and it arrived right away!!! Even the cheapest shipping options arrive in 2-3 days. The product really helped with mental and physical energy as well as focus/concentration. After taking Adrafinil for a few days, along with some OTC supplements and vitamins, I was able to go a few days with no stimulant use for the first time in probably over a year. I even made it through a very long, stressful day at work. Thank you Awake Brain!
Review by Charlene / (Posted on 10/24/2014)
Review by charles / (Posted on 10/24/2014)
Magic In A Bottle
My experience with was 5 star from the beginning. I was looking for a legal product that would help me stay awake during the day and be productive, even if I did not get much sleep the night before. I am a single mother of 1, 5, and 7 year old boys and do not always have the necessary energy to to chase them all day and keep the house as clean as possible. Also I am in the middle of a move across state.

When I first started looking for Adrafinil I was reading about the online suppliers selling fake supplements and if you want to know that the sellers are reputable ask for a lab test, if the Adrafinil is real then they will supply it. I did not have to ask for this test because they give right in the product description. You know the product they are selling is real from the beginning, and with it being a supplement you buy online, you want to know that what you are putting in your body is what you want in there. besides you do not want to spend your money on something false anyways.

When it came to ordering it was simple and if you had any questions you can send an email in the contact us and they will get back right away, even on the weekends outside of business hours. When I first ordered, my order did not go through and I did not know this. I would have been watching my mail waiting, not knowing that I did not actually order anything due to my internet disconnecting. I sent an email asking for my receipt, tracking and confirmation number. This is when they let me know the order did not go through. So I ordered again and received confirmation from the website and through emails. I also received emails when the product was sent and tracking through the whole mailing process. I ordered on a Sunday with Monday being a holiday. I received my product quickly considering the holiday and that I live in Oregon and it was shipped in Pennsylvania.

When I received my product I was surprised to find an extra gift in the box. They sent me a snickers, which i thought was nice, I have never received candy when ordering from online stores. Also in the box was information and directions about the product and a receipt along with the supply of Adrafinil.

While I was waiting for the product to come in the mail I did extensive research about Adrafinil and experiences from others who have taken it, and I have very high expectations of the product. With most people comparing the pill to magic, some say its amazing and one online review starting with "How I Became Mighty With Modafilin (which it a different version of Adrafinil that you need a prescription for). So I was waiting for a miracle in a bottle. When the Adrafinil came in the mail I took one pill. The directions said you can take 1-2 in the morning and 1-2 in the afternoon up to 4 a day, recommending taking 1 to a day to start. I was expecting to be disappointed because I had such high expectations. I can drink coffee and soda all day long and still be tired enough to want to sleep the day away and not do anything productive. I took the pill per the instructions from the reviews. The directions say to take it with food and the reviews say to take it on an empty stomach for best results and somethings with coffee, then wait 45 minute to 1.5 hours. This pill is amazing, you do not feel high or anything, just awake and the need to be productive. If something needed to get done, I WANTED to do it and if I tried to stop in the middle I could not stop thinking about it until it was done. With things that take awhile and fill like you have been doing it all day long, you feel like you have be doing for 5 minutes. I took another one in the afternoon when I started yawning and was able to keep going for the rest of the day. I had some trouble falling asleep, and this happens a lot, but instead of staying in bed worried that I wont be able to get anything done or even get up at a decent hour I knew I could set my alarm for 6 am and take the pill when I wake up. I have taken Adrafinil both on an empty stomach and with food, also with or without coffee or caffeine. It is magic in a bottle that comes in the mail from I am going to order more and stock up before we are not legally able to order it anymore.
Review by NN / (Posted on 10/24/2014)
The Best
It shipped the same day and got here in 3 days. After taking one pill I felt the effects within 45 min, and it totally works. Expectations were met completely with this company and I will for SURE use them in the future. Its about time an online company lives up to high standards. THANK YOU
Review by Mark / (Posted on 10/24/2014)
I have been using nootropics for over 4 years. I have sampled Adrafinil from several other cheaper competitors. I really didn't get the results after doing intense study of Adrafinil so I was hesitant to purchasing the same thing from Awake Brain, but there is a huge difference! The Awake Brain staff was very informative and provided the answers to all my questions. Extremely potent, high quality! If you are sensitive to caffeine start with one. I'm using about 2 a day, highly recommended!
Review by Jason / (Posted on 10/24/2014)
Keeps me on my game
I am a 67 year old executive. My job often requires long hours and full attention. I notice I've been slipping the last 15 years. Less energy and lower attention. The adrafinil seems to help quite a bit. Not exactly like I'm 30 again, but maybe back to 50. Service was very fast too.
Review by David / (Posted on 10/24/2014)
I would order again.
I ordered this product on the 24th of Dec and received it on the 28th. So I would have to say that they shipped it out quickly and I was very satisfied. The product seems to work well. Not quit as well as Modafinil worked for me because I have to take three, three hundred mg. pills a day for the same effect but it does work like Modafinil. Thank You I am hoping that it will build in my system some and I can get by with one or two pills pretty soon.
Review by Dana / (Posted on 10/24/2014)
Best study drug ever
I'm a grad student and have been ordering Noofon Adrafinil for several months now. I'm able to focus for much longer with the adrafinil. I use it to study for exams or need to work late. No crash like with adderall. Very good drug!
Review by Lisa / (Posted on 10/24/2014)
Works as well as modafinil
I have CFS and the adrafinil works as well as modafinil for less money. It keeps me alert and focused. It also seems to help with my depression. The adrafinil was shipped very quickly and was exactly as expected. Very happy.
Review by Dom / (Posted on 10/24/2014)

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